Stephen Hope (Docobo Ltd)

6th May 2010 09:29:27 am, added by admin

innovITS ADVANCE offers a unique world class Telematics Test facility where Telematics Systems can be tested in real world conditions within a controlled environment.

A primary driver for ADVANCE has been for testing Telematics applications for the Automotive industry - already extending into the Transport industry in general.

However, the flexible design of the facility means that it can also provide a real world test environment for the Telecommunications industry in support of the burgeoning M2M market for both mobile and fixed applications. This is particularly important when one considers the ever increasing need for reliance upon wireless technologies for critical communications applications such as in the Public Safety and Health Domains and in our daily lives in general.

I believe that innovITS ADVANCE will ultimately have a positive impact on all of us.

innovITS - UK ITS Centre for Excellence for TransportTelematics and Technology for Sustainable Mobility
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